A Southern-style whoddunit

About two months ago Greg and I started finding holes in our front yard. We have some bushes and flowers in front of our porch, and something decided to start digging in the dirt. The creature exhibited great determination. The soil had hardened into cement at that point because we hadn’t had rain in so long, yet the creature dug holes four or five inches deep. Initially, we thought it was trying to eat the tulip bulbs we planted last fall, but soon holes appeared in other areas.

We theorized that our night-time prowler might be a squirrel. But this engineering work looked too advanced for a mere rodent. Perhaps a deer? Do deer dig? It seemed unlikely.

Last week we met a neighbor of ours while we were out walking Abe. He was sprinkiling cayenne pepper around his bushes, and into some familiar-looking holes.

“Good evening,” we said, and then, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, someone told me this gets rid of armadillos,” our neighbor said. “They’re digging around my bushes, and I don’t want them to hurt the root systems.”

Aha! Apparently our friendly neighborhood armadillos dig into the soil looking for grubs. We haven’t tried the cayenne pepper yet, but I have offered to serve my in-laws some deep-fried armadillo for Thanksgiving.