Would you hire this guy?

Working Boy

I’ve been trying to convince Greg to take Abe to the office with him. Abe spends a lot of time home alone, and he needs to socialize better with humans and other dogs. So I figure Greg’s office is the perfect place for Abe to rid himself of his barking and growling habits. Greg disagrees. As we drove to work a couple days ago, I pestered him.”When are you going to bring Abe with you?” I asked.

“Sarah, I don’t know how to tell you this … and I don’t want to upset you, but Abe is more of a blue-collar dog,” Greg said.

“What?” I screeched.

“I’m not saying he’s dumb,” Greg said. “He’s smart. But he just doesn’t like to sit in a cubicle all day. He needs to be doing some sort of manual labor.”

“OK, but I don’t know about him joining a union or anything,” I said. “And technically he’s a green-collar dog.”