Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children

A few days ago, Greg hatched a brilliant idea.

“Do you know what would be a really cool name to have?” he asked me.

“No, what?” I said, playing along.

“Dramatic Pause,” Greg said, looking extremely proud of himself.

“What?” I asked.

“Dramatic Pause,” Greg repeated. “Just imagine it, Sarah Dramatic Pause Muthler.”

“I think you would have to make it Dramatic Pause in parentheses,” I pointed out. “Then at your high school graduation, they would read: Sarah (Dramatic Pause) Muthler.”

“Yeah,” Greg agreed.

I thought this was all a fun joke, so I told Greg I would write a post about it.

“No!” he protested. “Then someone will use our name before us.”

Please, new parents, try to restrain yourselves. I know it’s a beautiful name, but we claimed it first.