Priorities in order

On Halloween, I noticed that a ceiling panel had disappeared in the bathroom at work. I felt a little nervous every time I went into the bathroom because I thought someone might be playing a trick. Maybe someone had rigged a camera. Maybe some creep was spying on us from up there. Paranoid? Yes. But I just couldn’t see any good reason for the ceiling panel to be missing.

On Thursday, the ceiling panel was back and better than ever. The maintenance workers installed a ceiling panel with a speaker in it, and that speaker now throws out a steady stream of generic muzak. Most of the employees are complaining about the muzak because they say it makes them feel like they’re in an Italian restuarant, and no doubt they’re disappointed every time they exit the bathroom and find themselves back in the land of greenish fluorescent lighting and buzzing computers. I don’t mind the music.

What does bother me is that my employer is more focused on bathroom ambiance than the welfare of employees. My co-workers and I have no health insurance benefits, no retirement benefits, no sick days, and no job security. I am, however, grateful to have a job. And better yet, a job that involves two-minute interludes of music throughout the day. How many other employers offer that?

Now if I can just get them to put a little hand soap into the dispensers, my life might be perfect.