The Grinches

Greg’s family will be visiting us for Thanksgiving. In preparation for their arrival, including the arrival of our 2-year-old nephew, we asked our neighbors if we could borrow some toys. Our neighbor welcomed us and showed us a big bin of toys she had put together for us. Sadly, her son, who is a little shy of 2, also saw the bin — and started sobbing.
I should point out that this little guy (his parents nicknamed him Peanut) is in the running for world’s cutest toddler. He has really held onto that chubby-cheeked baby look. And he was wearing a super-cuddly white pajama romper. Fortunately, the romper didn’t have the little feet. Because if had those little footies, well, that would have put us over the edge, and we would have been forced to leave him with all the toys.
As Peanut reached for the toy bin and wailed “Cars, caaaars,” I gave Greg a worried look. “We are the worst people in the world! We steal toys from children,” I said glumly.
As we walked out the door, I turned and promised Peanut we would bring back the toys. Peanut’s dad smiled at us and said with a chuckle, “You guys are the anti-Santa. You take away toys.”
I guess Greg and I know what we’ll be getting in our stockings this year.