Creatures of the night

As Greg and I prepared Monday night for his family’s arrival, I launched into a cleaning tirade. I was making chili for all of us to eat Tuesday night and trying to simultaneously do laundry and vacuum. When I become panicked, I lose my appetite. By 8:30 p.m., I was still running on six cylinders and still hadn’t eaten. Greg begged me to eat something. “I’m not hungry!” I kept shouting back at him.
“Sarah, if you don’t eat something, you will go insane,” Greg said. Though clearly he should not have used a future tense verb in that sentence. When my blood-sugar drops I become absolutely inconsolable. Finally, Greg convinced me to take Abe for a walk.
The cool air washed away most of my stresses. I started to feel better. Then I looked toward the elementary school we were circling and saw something … something … what was that?
It was really tall. In the shadows of the fluorescent lights, it looked like a giant dog. A great dane? My gosh, there’s a great dane running loose around the school. Is it a stray? What if it’s really hungry? I started to tug Abe across the street, away from the starved, mangy great dane. But then. No! Another great dane! Maybe there is a whole pack of these creatures roaming the neighborhood. Abe and I picked up our pace.
And then the starved great danes stepped into the light. Did I say great danes? No, I meant deer. Yes, two deer. But they were hungry. Darn hungry.