Secrecy and exploding heads

Sarah has one flaw. She is good at keeping secrets and hates it. She can hide stuff, but it drives her crazy. So, I’m really looking forward to the next eight months, because she has already decided where we are going for our anniversary trip next year and bought the tickets. Each year we take a trip and one of us plans it and keeps it a secret from the other. This time it’s Sarah’s turn.
She’s been dropping hints that it’ll be out of the country: “What does it cost a day to rent a car?… What if it’s out of the country?… We could drive and take a boat…”

Two days and she’s already dropped a dozen hints, but then she did ask me last night, “Has it ever occurred to you that I might be trying to throw you off the trail?” Hmm… maybe, but still I think this secret may just cause her to explode in the end.

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