On with the dance

Greg’s office raffled off a pair of tickets to the Nutcracker on Friday, and Greg won. These were good seats, too, not far from the orchestra. Oh, the excitement! Despite my many, many years of dance lessons, I had somehow missed out on seeing the Nutcracker as a kid.

We stopped at a restaurant for a quick bite to eat before the performance. We ate at a cafe that is known for its great breakfasts, and therefore dishes them up 24 hours a day. Greg debated between ordering a standard dinner or a stack of pancakes.

“Well, I really want breakfast, but I’m going to get a regular meal,” I said.

“Why’s that?” Greg asked.

“Because if I eat a huge stack of pancakes and then sit in a dark auditorium, I know what will happen,” I said.

“Hmm, you’re right,” Greg said. “In that case, maybe I should get the pancakes.”

Boys can be such stinkers!

2 thoughts on “On with the dance

  1. I hope you enjoyed the show. I love to go see plays/musicals just not at the Assembly Hall. So once in a while we venture up to Chicago and catch something. Jason and I recently saw Wicked and I plan to see Color Purple – The Musical in the spring.

  2. The show was good. The seats were superb, although I can’t quite say the same for the dancing. One of the dancers almost fell, but everyone looked like they were having fun and trying hard, and that’s the important part, right? Seriously though, the dancers were quite talented and the work they did was great to watch. Dancing on a stage covered in fake snow flakes is not an easy thing to do. We’ll put our names in the hat again next year.
    How was Wicked?

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