I fear their end is near

I walk or jog through our neighborhood nearly every day, so I recognize all the other joggers and walkers in our area. During the past couple days, I’ve noticed a surge in jogging enthusiasts. People who I have never seen before are huffing and puffing down the sidewalks. I call these people The Resolutions.

I think it’s great that so many people want to be healthier and improve their lives, but some of these people need some help on their journey. As we drove home today, a 50-something man crossed our path. He probably hadn’t run far yet, but he was straining, wearing some sweats that hadn’t seen the light of day since 1984. And that is his problem. Not the fact that he might not have exercised for the past three years, but rather, his decision to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt when it was 65 degrees outside.

I jog all the time, but I know I would have been dying too if I had been dressed like that. Sure, it seems like a good idea when you first step out the door, but 75 steps later you feel the sweat beading on your forehead, your clothes clinging to every crevice on your body, and you start to wonder if you even have enough energy to turn around and walk home.

That man will probably give up his exercise regimen in another week or two. The poor guy defeated himself before he ever got out the door. But he’s not alone. I see Resolutions all over the place with the best of intentions but a lack of common sense. Maybe that’s the problem with Americans these days…too many clothes. If you get out there half-naked and you’re freezing to death, well, then you have reason to run. And fast.

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