Winston meets his match

Winston visited the vet this morning for his annual exam. He cried throughout the ride to the office. Once we walked in, his pleas became even louder. I think he realized that if he wailed loud enough the other humans might help him. Maybe they would rescue him from his evil mother.

“Meeeowww. Meeeeeewwwwww,” his voice emanated from inside his carrier. The sound became lower and deeper as Winston became more perturbed.

Then, a 173-pound English mastiff pulled its owner through the front door. Silence from the carrier. Winston and I sat in the waiting area, and the mastiff sat across from us. He had a brindled coat, giving him the appearance of a tiger. More silence from Winston. I peered into his cage. His giant eyes stared back at me, pleading, please, please, I swear I’ll never make another peep if you just get that THING out of here.