And you thought your office was cool

As we ate dinner last night, Greg mentioned that his office manager had passed out company calendars to everyone. Each month has a picture of some new technology related to their graphics cards. For example, February’s picture shows the Mars rover because Nvidia was involved in developing technology for that nifty vehicle.

Clearly the office manager delivered the calendars a little late. Greg hemmed and hawed about how he wouldn’t ever get a chance to display the January picture. You can understand his disappointment given that the January picture was a breast. Yes, that is correct. A breast. A boob. But not a real breast, Greg clarified. He couldn’t quite explain the picture though.

“It’s not an x-ray,” he said. “But it’s a picture showing the …” The breast left him speechless.

“Like in a textbook?” I asked.

“Yes!” he said, looking relieved that I finally grasped the concept. “But I’ll never get to look at it because January has already passed.”

It is no coincidence that these calendars didn’t get passed out until February. Only a handful of women work in Greg’s office, and the manager who passed them out is one of those women.

I think Nvidia was trying to provide a helpful service to its employees. This was their way of saying, “Hey, if you work here, we know you must be pretty nerdy. You’re probably having a tough time with the ladies. So in case you never get to see one of these things in person, well, here’s what you missed.”

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