Escape artists

Greg went grocery shopping yesterday because he had the day off, and when I arrived home I found the receipt sitting on the counter with an arrow drawn next to one of the items.
“Greg, why did you draw this arrow here?” I asked.
“They charged me for diced tomatoes, and I didn’t buy any diced tomatoes,” Greg said indignantly.
Our grocery store is really good about reimbursing us when they make an error. I guess Greg planned to take the receipt with him to the grocery store on some future trip and demand that they give him 72 cents.
Let me pause here to say that Greg doesn’t bat an eye at dropping thousands of dollars on technology. Or vacations. He will leave five-dollar bills lying around the house because he doesn’t want to carry “change.” But Greg will be damned if some grocery store is going to charge him 72 CENTS! 72 WHOLE CENTS! for tomatoes he did not buy.
As I drove my route for Meals on Wheels today, I heard a clunk coming from the back of the car. I stopped and popped the trunk. And I think you know what a found.
I’m just glad we hadn’t already asked for our 72 cents back.

2 thoughts on “Escape artists

  1. I would just like to comment that I did indeed buy the diced tomatoes, but did not find them in the bags when I got home.
    I suspected that they had rolled out of the bag, but did not check the trunk because I was lazy. Just as one should be on a day off.

  2. I would also like to add that they tried to charge me $9.66 for green onions, which should have been $0.69. Good thing I was paying attention on that one.

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