The name’s Employee, Project Employee

We’ve been getting shuffled around at work lately. My former cube-mate (or cellmate, as I prefer to say) got hired on to the staff and was rewarded with her very own cube. Because I’m a project employee (a.k.a. a temp), I must share a cube at all times, so a new cellmate moved in with me.

We’ve been trying to get our computers properly arranged and our one phone properly labeled. Until this morning, any time we made a call, my former cellmate’s name showed up on the caller ID. Our phones can only have one name on the caller ID, and hers had been on there for many months. Our technology department told me everything would be worked out by today, and either my name or my cellmate’s would be on the label.

When I arrived at work this morning, I called the neighboring cube to see whose name was on the caller ID.

“What does it say?” I shouted over the wall.

“Project Employee,” said my neighbor, sounding confused.

“What?” I asked, starting to laugh at the idiocy of the situation.

“It just says Project Employee,” she said.

I guess the tech guys got tired of changing the labels and devised a clever solution. Now they will never again have to change the label. The disconcerting part of this whole thing is that my employer has been laying off workers left and right. We expect another round of cuts at the end of this week. I think I’m about to get disconnected.