Out of his weight class

As Greg and I worked in our office yesterday, we heard Abe jump off the couch, race to the window, and bark maniacally. We looked out the window and saw a mom and her four children walking toward the park. The mom had her hands full, so her son, who looked like he was about 5, was holding the leash of their retriever. The dog outweighed the boy by at least 30 pounds. When the dog heard Abe bark, he raced toward the front of our house. We could see the boy’s muscles clench as he tried to pull the dog back toward the sidewalk. He looked as though he was trying to restrain a racehorse. Then, the boy lost his balance, and in a maneuver that looked as though it was happening in slow motion, he belly-flopped onto our lawn. The behemoth dog didn’t even notice. He continued his sprint, now dragging the child — face-first, mind you — toward our front door. After a few more seconds of skidding, his mom rescued him. But for Greg and I, the memory will remain forever.