For anyone needing proof

Greg and I have often asserted that Winston is the smartest cat in the world. Some people appear skeptical about this claim. Well, yesterday Winston took a big pounce forward for cat-kind. We think he’s well on his way to becoming a computer engineer.

I walked into the office to check my e-mail, and as usual, Winston was sleeping in my office chair. Something was amiss though. My computer was off. I nearly always leave my computer running.

“Greg, did you turn off my computer?” I called.

“No,” Greg said.

“Well, it’s off,” I said.

I moved Winston from the chair and sat down, dumbfounded. Greg walked into the office and glanced at the power strip.

“Winston,” he said in a scolding tone, “Did you turn off Sarah’s computer?”

Greg told me that Winston had stepped on the power switch of the power strip. Greg flipped it back on, and my computer started to boot. But Winston wasn’t going to have it. With both Greg and I watching, and with his tail swaying arrogantly from side to side, he walked over to my computer and stepped on the power switch again. My computer went silent.

I don’t know what Greg and I are going to do with this creature. He’s faster than us. He’s tougher than us. And it appears that he is rapidly becoming smarter than us.