So far, so good

I started a new job yesterday. I am relieved to be exiting the textbook industry because I was more out of place there than a palm tree in Minnesota.

I can’t say yet how well I will like the new job, but I got some good signs yesterday. For one thing, the company already gave me an employee badge that grants me access to the building.

The badge at my previous job served no purpose. Yes, it had my name on it, but it didn’t open any of the locked doors in the building. This meant I had to schlep my purse, lunch bag, water bottle, walking shoes, and reading materials the long distance from the parking lot to the main entrance while teetering on heels and trying to prevent my skirt from blowing up over my head because the wind here never seems to slow. If you’re thinking that I should have put on the walking shoes and carried the heels instead, you are absolutely correct. But I am a girl, and I don’t want to make that sort of entrance. If my skirt is over my head when I walk through that main entrance, then I least better have on a killer pair of shoes. But I digress.

The other nice thing about my new job is that as soon as my co-workers met me, they made offerings of food and drink (No, not that kind of drink. Just coffee.). And they told me where the not-so-secret stash of chocolate resides. I think this is an office I can learn to like.

One thought on “So far, so good

  1. Congrats on the new job! I’ve been at my new office for a little over a month now (did I tell you I have a new job?) and I’m pretty happy with it. It has been a little more stressful than my last job, but on my first day they also showed me the stash of chocolate and candy. Yay!

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