The opposite of spoiled

So Greg and I were perusing the baby registry of a friend of ours and laughing at all the ridiculous things that companies have developed for babies. If you actually purchased all the items that baby companies say are essential, you would have to move out of your house and just let the baby take over the whole place. One of my favorite items was the Munchkin Standard Wipe Warmer, which allows you to warm up baby butt wipes before using them. I showed it to Greg, thinking we would have a good laugh about it, but instead he said, “That’s a great idea.”

“What?” I screeched.

“Can you imagine how nice that would be? Warm toilet paper? But instead of the munchkin size, they need to make a giant size,” he said.

While Greg continued fantasizing about warm toilet paper, I scrolled through the rest of the list.

“Do you think people had any of this stuff 50 years ago?” I asked. “They probably just got a crib and some bottles, and that was it.”

“And you don’t even need the crib,” Greg said. “You just need a really nice box.”

I should point out that our cat sleeps in a really nice box. Only the best for our family.