The tide turns

There is a hostile man living in Abe’s neighborhood. The man had bothered Abe on a few occasions, always coming out of his house and giving Abe the evil eye as he passed. Abe didn’t understand this, seeing as he hardly ever stepped in the man’s yard, and when he did, his parents always picked up after him.

Well, things got dog-ugly on Friday. As he and his parents walked past the man’s house, he heard the man’s front door open and close. Then Abe heard his dad shout “What are you doing?” Abe and his mom had gotten ahead of Dad, so they turned around to see what was happening.

The mean man had been hiding around the corner of his house taking pictures of Abe and his family. He said that he was keeping a record of all the dogs in the neighborhood. The man looked threatening. Abe had not even stepped off the sidewalk into the man’s yard, and now he and his family were being treated like criminals. After this episode, Abe started to feel downright unwelcome in his own neighborhood. He wondered if this was a good place for a dog to live.

Today, a pickup stopped outside Abe’s dwelling, and someone jumped out to leave a note on the front door. More harassment from the mean man? No, it was a letter from an admirer. A girl dog, who describes herself as small and brown, has seen Abe and wants to have a date with him. Abe is standing a little taller today. He is feeling good.