The joys of travel

Every place that Greg and I travel seems to have at least one quirk that we find ourselves talking about for years after. In Paris, we had the super petite bathtub in our room. Well, really we had the super petite room, but the bathtub was especially memorable. I could only fit one half of my body in this tub at a time. So if I wanted my upper half in the water, my legs had to dangle over the edge of the tub.

You’re wondering why I didn’t just shower. Well, much of the time we were in Paris, the weather was chilly. The shower was a mere trickle of water, and we had no shower curtain, so the steam never collected enough to warm the air around you. So I preferred to allow half my body to soak in the tiny tub. My manuevering was spectacular. If bathing ever becomes an Olmypic sport, I will take the gold.

Well, now we are in Alaska, and we found a fun quirk our first night. Alaska has the coldest drinking water known to man, the sort of cold that stings your teeth and burns your throat going down. Adding ice to this drinking water would probably warm it. I think that the glaciers are shrinking not because of global warming but because Alaskans are somehow channeling the glaciers through the water pipes and right into their own homes.

And now, all joking aside, I am off to eat reindeer casserole.