The art of compromise

My computer has emitted a lot of strange sounds as of late, and Greg says a fan is most likely causing the whirring noises, though he doesn’t know which fan. He suggested the other day that it might be time for me to just get a new computer as my current machine is going on six years old. I liked the sound of that. Greg inquired what type of machine I might want. I said a Mac mini sounded perfect because it’s dainty, and we have plenty of big gadgets and machinery already clogging our office. Greg sounded receptive to the mini. OK, he said, maybe I’ll order that this week. I couldn’t believe I would get a new computer in the blink of an eye. How nice of Greg to agree to this without any debate.

“Wait,” I said. “I’m not ready to buy one yet.”

I pointed out that if we bought the mini, we would have two Macs and zero PCs. What if we needed a PC for some reason?

“Maybe I should build you a new computer,” Greg said. “It would be fun. I haven’t built a computer in a long time.”

“But I don’t want a big tower sitting around,” I said. “I just don’t see the point of having this mammoth computer when all I use it for is e-mail, and a small computer will meet my needs.”

“It would be powerful,” Greg said, his eyes getting lost in a daydream. “What if we get you a Mac tower? It would be good to have something more powerful,” he said.

I sensed that this discussion was shifting. Instead of being about MY new computer, the conversation had morphed into a Greg fantasy.

“No, I think a mini will be just fine for me, and it costs a lot less,” I said. Greg looked exasperated.

“Then maybe you should take my laptop, and I’ll get a new computer,” Greg said.

What a weasel! I put the kibosh on Greg’s idea by telling him that I didn’t think we should spend the money. So now, I have my extremely noisy computer, and Greg has his middle-aged laptop, and neither of us got what we wanted. Compromise is a beautiful thing.

One thought on “The art of compromise

  1. Go with the mac mini and just install Parallels or run Boot Camp if you need Windows in the house. I recommend Parallels I run it on my MacBook Pro and it meets all my Windows needs.

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