Common sense

Greg and I usually have an actual breakfast on Sunday morning instead of our standard bowl of cereal. Yesterday was no different.

“So what do you want this morning?” I asked Greg.

“Waffles, or French toast,” Greg said. “How about some French toast?”

“But we don’t have any good bread to use,” I said. “We only have the plain wheat, and if I’m having French toast I want it with the good white bread.”

“How about eggs?” Greg said.

“I don’t like eggs for breakfast,” I said. Greg furrowed his brow, puzzled.

“But you like eggs,” he said.

“But I don’t like them for breakfast, and I don’t like meat for breakfast either,” I said. “Why would you eat eggs when you could eat carbohydrates slathered in maple syrup? It doesn’t make any sense. I only like carbs for breakfast.”

Greg could not find any point in arguing with this logic. We had waffles. And then laid on the couch and moaned about how stuffed we were. Maybe that’s why people eat eggs for breakfast.