Please let the record show

Greg and I aren’t really football fans. We aren’t sports fans in general, but if we’re going to watch a game, it’s usually basketball. Perhaps part of this has to do with our having gone to Illinois, where the basketball teams are often stellar, and the football teams are often, for lack of a better word, stinky. But now that we live in Texas, land of the football crazies, I feel compelled to at least check the score of the Illinois game each week because my co-workers always ask me how the team did (I bring this on myself by wearing a lot of Illinois gear). I try to just laugh about my losing team because I don’t want to be taunted by Texas football crazies. They are so proud and gloating. People here actually paint their vehicles burnt orange.
A week and a half ago, I saw that we had beaten Penn State. This was a big deal not only because Penn State was a ranked team, but also because I thought Greg might want to call his sister and brother-in-law (one is an alum and the other a PhD student there) and rub it in a bit.
Then, this past Saturday, while Greg and I were waiting for a table at a restaurant, we saw a bit of the Illinois game on the TV in the bar area. During the couple minutes that we saw, Wisconsin scored a touchdown. Now that looked more like the Illini we knew and loved. We decided it would be best to look the other way.
When I got to work, someone asked me about the game. I said I didn’t know the outcome but what I had seen had been pretty ugly. Well, someone else on the copy desk had paid attention and informed me that the Illini had won. Again! I looked up the game information and saw that Wisconsin had been ranked 5th. And as if that weren’t enough, Texas lost its second straight game.
So, for this one week, for this one brief, shining moment, the Illini are ranked 18th in the country. Texas has fallen to 23rd. I might just have to paint my car orange and blue.

2 thoughts on “Please let the record show

  1. Lance wore his Illini shirt to the Greek Festival last weekend and several people congratulated him. Guess Texas football fans pay attention to all the games, even the Big 10! (I always, for some reason, root against UT. I’m happy to see that they’re not doing too well so far.)

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