My shameful and insulted moment at a party this last weekend, when mid-conversation, someone asked me a question:

“You’re a non-native english speaker, right?”

“Umm… no.”

“I mean english wasn’t your first language.”

“Yeah, I know. It was.”

“Really? It doesn’t sound like it.”

3 thoughts on “Non-Native

  1. speaking of which, several times i’ve gotten people asking me if i’m from minnesota because apparently i sound like i’m from up nOrth… to the local locals.
    i’m like “yes, i’m sure i’m Not from minnesota”.. dammit.

  2. Except she wasn’t southern. She was from Colorado. Nor did anyone there really have a true southern accent. :(

    Minnesota, eh? But you were there. Maybe you just didn’t get it all out.

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