Oh, the torment

As soon as we put up our Christmas tree, I wrapped Greg’s presents and tucked them beneath it. Greg had yet to place any of my gifts under the tree. And, yes, I know this isn’t because he was slow to wrap them but rather because he just didn’t have anything for me. When I got home last night, a couple gifts had finally made an appearance under the tree.

Even better, however, was my lumpy stocking. I finally caved in this year and bought us some stockings, figuring maybe we could sneak some candy in there on Christmas morning. Greg apparently couldn’t wait for Christmas morning. I asked him if the gift in the stocking was wrapped, and he said it wasn’t. What a horrible thing to say! Now I’m here on my own all day while Greg is at work, and he’s trusting me to use the honor system? I keep gazing at that stocking, thinking maybe I should slide something into Greg’s stocking and “accidentally” knock mine down in the process so the gift tumbles out.

The worst part is that the gift probably is wrapped and Greg just said it wasn’t to torture me. Maybe I could just peek to see if it’s actually wrapped. Hmm…