Timing is everything

My parents have been discussing a visit to Texas for a while, and we’ve carefully timed their visit. Their last visit was two years ago in February. And while they got several 70-degree days, quite a treat for people from Northern Illinois, they also got sleeted on. And in the intervening two years, they have completely forgotten the beautiful days. Every time they tell people about the trip, they say how they expected it to be warm, but instead it sleeted. Why are all these people living in Texas if it sleets in February?

This time, I told them to wait until the end of March. I figured they could see the wildflowers and trees blooming. And the chance of ice would be much less. But is Texas cooperating? No, it is not.

The high Monday was 92 degrees. I can’t recall seeing a single frozen particle this winter. And we’ve had plenty of days this month where I could have donned my swimsuit. The downside (for my parents anyway) is that things are blooming now. Right now. Trees that were naked a week ago are covered with white blossoms. The daisies in front of our house have opened.

By the time my parents get here at the end of March, I fear we will already be charging into the scorched, brown, Texas summer. What can I say? I’m no meteorologist.

Mom and Dad, bring your swimsuits.