Eskimo kitty

The weather the past couple days has been terribly humid, the sort where a walk out to the driveway to fetch the newspaper dampens your shirt. I’m doing my best to use fans rather than turn on the air-conditioning, though I have succumbed at night in the interest of getting enough sleep to keep a grip on my sanity.

The pets are constantly reminding me that while this au naturel atmosphere might be good for the planet, it is most definitely not good for them. Winston has started to lay on the tile instead of the carpet. And he pulled a new stunt when I got home from the grocery store today.

As I shoved all the produce into the fridge, Winston laid down right in front of the open door. He rolled onto his back to show me his tummy. A plea for attention? I think not. I’m almost certain this was cat speak for, “Please, woman, I beg you. Clear a little space for me in that big, cold box.”