Just one little catch

Greg’s birthday is this week, and I spent quite a bit of time nagging him about birthday gifts. I always have some idea of what he wants, but it’s usually some technical toy (Greg would say technical tool). I know he wants a camera lens, but which one? Or he wants speakers, but what kind?

After all my nagging, Greg finally made a list. And he was even thoughtful enough to add prices for each of the items. I started to read. A hammock. A PlayStation 2 with a particular game. Apple TV, which you can record all of your movies and music onto. Hmm. He said Apple TV was $215. This might be an option.

But then, I saw the offhand comment next to it. “Problem is that this requires a new TV.”

So the actual price of Apple TV would be closer to $2,215.

I’m keeping Greg’s gift a secret until his birthday. But I think you can guess what he’s NOT getting.