May cause injury

For those who have been wondering, Greg’s gift was a Nintendo Wii (though I have taken to calling it the weeeee!). It’s starting to look like the Wii might be less of a gift though and more a threat to his life.

When the Wii first came out, there were all kinds of reports of people getting injured. I remember wondering what was wrong with these people, how they could lack enough motor control to play a silly video game without injury. Well, for a certain type of person, one with an overdeveloped competitive instinct and a little too much adrenaline, this system is dangerous. I’m not going to name any names, but we have a person like that living in our household.

The problem became apparent when we tried out tennis. For those who don’t know, you swing the controller as if it were a racket. It might be possible to play this sitting down, but I surely couldn’t. So Greg and I both stood in front of the TV, him behind me because he’s taller and presumably could see the TV over my head (though I don’t think he actually could).

We tried a few matches and I kept losing. I complained to Greg that the system didn’t seem to be adequately picking up my movements. He told me I was standing too close to the TV. I asked him to move back. So poor Greg ended up squeezed in the narrow aisle between the coffee table and the couch. Meanwhile, I now had plenty of space and lunged wildly back and forth. It’s enthralling to see your little character replicate all your movements. I wasn’t even in the family room anymore. I was living in the TV. A few times I nearly ran into our fireplace.

Greg told me that we could buy racket attachments to add to our controllers so that it would be more like a real tennis match. I think this might be a ploy on his part to get a new TV because if I had a full racket, I would surely send it through the screen.

We played a few more matches, just until I managed to win. I’m pretty sure Greg let me win just to end the madness.

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