Going whole hog

About a month ago, I read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” For those who don’t know, the writer compares our current food chain to the old way of doing things. He looks at the sources of a fast-food meal, an organic meal, a farm meal and a hunter/gatherer meal. He concludes, of course, that the current food system is bad for both us and the environment. He also talks about the treatment of animals, including the pig, which he explains is one of the smarter animals on the planet.

After I finished the book, I reluctantly passed it off to Greg. He is a better person than I am and has often talked about becoming a vegetarian because he doesn’t feel right about eating animals. I figured this book would finally push him over the edge.

He finished it, and while he hasn’t yet jumped to the vegetarian camp, he did say that he was especially bothered by the treatment of the pigs. I mentioned that we could stop eating pork, although this is something I’m reluctant to do because it’s my favorite meat.

A few days ago, Greg made a grocery list and headed to the store. I almost always make the list because I tend to do a lot of the cooking, but it’s sometimes fun to see what Greg likes to eat.

He came home with ingredients for several meals. He didn’t buy any chicken, which is almost always a staple. But he did buy pork chops, bacon and ham. Either he’s going on one last pork bender before his conversion, or the book had absolutely no effect on him. I’m still waiting to find out.