A Texan by any other name

Working at a newspaper, I run across a lot of interesting names. And Texans have some of the most distinctive names I have seen.

A few of my favorites: Brewster McCracken, Colt McCoy, Beau Brite White

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t figure out why the parents do this. I have to assume that it’s their Lone Star pride. No one will ever have to ask Colt where he’s from. A name like that could only come from one place. Or maybe it’s an insurance policy for the parents. It almost guarantees the kid stays in Texas. Brewster would probably have a hard time finding people in New England who would take him seriously. But I’m sure Brewster would never want to live in New England.

6 thoughts on “A Texan by any other name

  1. Kevin’s friends just named their baby son Colt. I had assumed it was after the Indianapolis Colts since they are big fans, but perhaps not. Didn’t I just read in People that Matthew McCoughnahey’s brother, Rooster, named his son Miller Lite? I believe they are from Texas. =)

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