Abe hits rock bottom

Two of Abe’s greatest fears are thunderstorms and baths. We have company coming tomorrow, so I planned to clean the bathroom today. As I pulled out the cleaning supplies, I heard rumbling. Abe immediately scurried over and glued himself to my leg. He also began panting profusely, which he always does when he’s nervous. But I persevered, cleaning the sink and mirror. Then I got to the tub.

Normally, Abe refuses to set foot in the guest bathroom because he knows that is where the B-A-T-H occurs. But given the life-threatening situation with the thunderstorm, he stood beside me as I leaned over the tub. I turned on the water to wet the floor of the tub before I applied the cleaning solution. But I never got to apply the solution because Abe leaped into the tub.

I thought maybe he was just thirsty, so I ran a little more water for him. He did not drink though. Just stood folornly with his tail between his legs. I told him that it wasn’t bath time and tried to coax him out of the tub. I ended up lifiting him out of the tub. He immediately leaped back in.

This was inconceivable. Normally, we can’t keep him in the tub. He would gladly jump out mid-bath and race around the house covered in shampoo. Maybe he thought that with the storm, life was already so bad that he might as well get the bath over with simultaneously. Or maybe he thought the storm was likely to kill him anyway, so what was the difference if he was standing in a bath tub? I had sympathy on him and carried him out of the tub and sat with him on the couch until the storm passed.

But if I’d been thinking straight, I would have seized the moment and given him the bath.