What’s in a name?

For those who don’t know, Greg and I are expecting a baby in March. We’ve discussed names in the past, and Greg was particularly set on a certain boy’s name (we’ve decided we’re keeping our names a secret, so I can’t reveal it). I liked this name, but it is also really common, and I thought we should look for something a little more distinct.

I went to the bookstore to buy a name book. Wow, there are a lot of people who want to help you name your kid. And they want to give you a lot of options. Most of the books looked like dictionaries. 60,000 names for your baby. Next to it, 60,001 names for your baby (because clearly that one final name will be the magical one). 100,000 names for your baby. Really? Who has time to wade through that many names? I wanted a list of maybe 500 or 1,000 good, solid names.

They had “Baby Names for Dummies,” which actually looked helpful because of the categories they provided. But then I came across a category with warrior names. And right at the top: Attila the Hun.

I shoved the book back onto the shelf. Maybe the authors think that’s a joke, but I could envision Greg really latching onto a name like Attila. I didn’t even want to give him the option.

I ended up buying the smallest, most concise book I could find. Well, Greg seems to have left behind his original name idea and has gravitated to the oddest names in the book. Just to give you an idea, Hamlet is one of the names I had to tell him I absolutely could not accept.

So now I’m fretting because I don’t think we’ll ever actually agree on a name. Greg says we have plenty of time and will figure something out. Yeah, the Israelis and Palestinians have had plenty of time, too. I’m hoping this is a girl because Greg doesn’t seem to have much opinion about those names. But as far as Greg is concerned, I’m carrying Hercules or Napolean.

9 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Well on a serious note, you need to break it down:
    Do you want a classical/common/biblical name or a contemporary name? Both pools are fairly large. In the contemporary name pool, you have your weird/unusuals, last names made into first names… or objects.
    With classical you have your choice of plain biblical names or other common popular names or conjugations.
    Also you have to decide whether you want the name to be short or not and if you will ever initial it.
    Maybe if you provided those details it’d be easier to suggest names for you, eh?

    Maybe you should just name him Photon. Is he a wave or a particle? Is he fast or is everyone else just slow? Nickname: Pho or PG. :) I kid of course… sorta.

  2. Congrats! Great news! As a father of almost 5 days I can’t dole out much advice. But make sure you stock up on ice cream. That’s one thing I learned.

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