The age difference becomes a problem

Greg is nine months older than me, which never seemed to matter much before, but with his penchant for injuries, his body is probably 30 years older than mine. Still, we’ve been getting by fine.

We went back to the doctor yesterday to learn the results of his MRI. We were happy to learn that he had merely fractured a bone in his knee. It should tell you something about his previous injuries that a broken knee bone can be considered a good thing. So, no surgery.

The full recovery will take a couple months though, so he will still be hobbled for our time at the Austin City Limits Music Fest this weekend and for our hiking in New England next week. Don’t feel sorry for him. I asked him repeatedly (“nagged” would be the proper term) what was going to happen when he got hurt at this tae kwon do test. And he would just sigh at his wife, his wife who has so little confidence in him, and assure me that he was going to be careful and would not get hurt. But I digress.

The doctor gave Greg a brace for his knee, and he’s still using crutches to get around. When I got home last night, I saw something sitting in the family room that confused me. Ladies and gentlemen, a cane rested next to the TV. At first, I wondered who our geriatric visitor was. But no, I am living with the oldest 29-year-old in Austin.

Greg was in bed but had woken up when I got home.

“Greg, do I have to be seen with a man who uses a cane?” I called to him in the next room.

“No, you GET to be seen with a man who uses a cane,” he said. He pointed out that this was better than a walker.

And I suppose it is. Nonetheless, I’m going to start looking into some assisted living facitilities. I don’t know if he’s steady enough on his feet to be living at home anymore.

One thought on “The age difference becomes a problem

  1. I think a cane can be very classy. All Greg needs now is a top hat and a monocle.

    You could also get one of those canes that is also a sword!

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