A dangerous place for chickens

Greg and I spent last week in Vermont and really enjoyed ourselves. The state is beautiful and makes you feel a little bit as though you’ve traveled back in time. We didn’t see any Wal-Marts or McDonald’s or any chain stores at all, really. Almost every business is family-owned, and most towns still have a general store.

Vermont is somewhat famous for its cows, and we did see a lot of those, all looking happy. But I’ll tell you what Vermont isn’t famous for: chickens. The reason for this was apparent.

Nearly every church we passed had a sign out for a chicken pot pie supper. Apparently all the fine people of Vermont gather on Friday nights for chicken pie. We must have seen 10 signs advertising this in various towns. No fish fries or spaghetti suppers or any of the other traditional meals you might expect at a church. And I’m a big fan of the chicken pot pie, but don’t the folks get tired of eating the same thing all the time?

If ever Vermont did have live chickens, I’m sure they’ve all crossed the road to New Hampshire by now.