Things a medical professional shouldn’t say

I had my monthly doctor appointment on Monday, and they checked my weight and blood pressure as usual. The nurse read the blood pressure numbers back to me: “98 over 68.”

She paused.

“Is that normal for you?”

And the tone in her voice suggested that these numbers were anything but normal. But perhaps I was some sort of alien life form that could survive with that type of blood pressure. I searched my brain, trying to remember my past readings and wondering just what was wrong with the current reading. Was I dying?

“Um, I think my numbers are usually pretty low?” It was more a question than a statement.

She glanced at my chart and nodded. I hopped online when I got home to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently my blood pressure falls in line with that of a professional athlete or a child. I prefer to think of myself as a professional athlete.