They’ll always have Honest Abe

Another Illinois governor, another criminal trial.

Greg and I lived in Springfield, Ill., when Rod Blagojevich began his term. Among the immediate problems his administration presented were the difficulty of fitting that name in a headline and Greg’s inability to pronounce Blagojevich.

The people of Springfield disliked him because he was the first governor who chose not to live in the capital. Instead, he flew between Chicago and Springfield at taxpayer expense. He said this was to avoid moving his children. Springfield folks took this mean that their schools weren’t good enough. And while Springfield was nowhere near as exciting as Chicago, it was afterall good enough for a certain tall, bearded president. And for the world’s most fabulous mutt, too.

Illinois has produced some great people, and I hope our next president will be one of them. But it has certainly provided some stinkers, too. At least if Blagojevich is convicted, he’ll have company. His predecessor, George Ryan, is in prison right now.

One thought on “They’ll always have Honest Abe

  1. Abe looks very cute. We are thrilled with the news in your Xmas card, and we miss you a lot. Hope you both are well. I (Mike) am now the director of constituent services for Attorney General Lisa Madigan, but I do still have photos of me running with Crazy Gov. Rod. So sue me. We must stay in touch better this year.

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