When good habits go bad

Greg and I have an agreement that I do most of the planning of meals and cooking, and he washes the dishes. I despise washing dishes, especially now, when I have to stand sideways to reach the sink because of the belly. And Greg doesn’t seem to mind too much. 

I have Wednesday nights off, so we’ll often make a nice dinner. The only problem with this is that after eating a nice dinner, Greg often feels like relaxing, not spending 20 minutes washing dirty pots. And I’m one of those people who has to wash the dishes before going to bed because I hate walking into a messy kitchen in the morning. It’s a bad way to start the day. And I’m a neat freak, so really I hate walking into a messy kitchen at any time of day.

Often I’ll start washing the dishes right before bed, just to try to prod Greg into getting them done. This really annoys him. And he always tells me that he’ll wash them the next morning – before I’m even out of bed. The snag in this plan is that Greg teaches a tae kwon do class on Thursday morning. He often gets up too late to eat breakfast, so there definitely isn’t any dishwashing going on.

Greg didn’t get around to washing dishes this past Wednesday night, but when I came downstairs Thursday morning, it seemed like there were a few less dirty dishes. Had he washed some before jetting off to tae kwon do? He was already gone, so I couldn’t ask.

When Greg got home from work yesterday, I had washed most of the dishes. He thanked me. And then he told me that he had tried to organize the dirty dishes before he had left in the morning. He thought it might help if they were in nice piles.

Part of me thinks this is incredibly sweet. And part of me feels sorry for him. I must be the most annoying wife ever if he feels compelled to organize our dirty dishes.