The rapid onset of old age

As parents of an infant, we are sleep-deprived. Exhaustion comes with some interesting symptoms.

I have worn my clothes inside-out. Several times. In public. It takes me hours to notice. Greg never notices.

The biggest problem is the forgetfulness. We had some trees planted in our yard a few weeks before Eleanor was born, and we’re supposed to water them a few times each week. A few weeks ago, I turned on the hose to water one of them and went back into the house. I planned to let the hose run about 15 minutes and then move it to the next tree. About two hours later, I remembered that the hose was running. I did the same thing again last week. We have not yet received our water bill for the month. We are scared.

Tuesday night, we had just settled onto the couch in our pajamas to watch a DVD. I remembered that the trash needed to go out, but Greg wasn’t eager to get back up. I asked him if he would remember later, and he said he wouldn’t. So I set a timer. That’s right. I set a timer for garbage. I figured that when the timer went off, we would wonder why the heck we had set it. And hopefully, we would remember. We did.

I’m thinking I might start keeping a list of survival strategies. If Greg and I manage to survive the next few months, I might write a book for seniors about how to cope with memory loss.