Dad in training

Eleanor decided yesterday that she had lost interest in all of this sleeping nonsense. I spent much of the day walking around the house with her, trying to keep her calm, until my arms and back ached. My sister-in-law had shipped a box of baby clothes and some nursing tank tops and shirts and such that she no longer needed, which arrived about 4 p.m. When Greg got home at 7 p.m., I had just started to sift through the contents, with Eleanor sitting in her bouncer next to me – wide awake, of course.

Greg asked about my day.

“She slept maybe two hours the entire day, and she’s been awake the past three hours,” I said.

Greg looked at the nursing clothes. “Do those fit?” he asked.

“Greg, she’s been awake the past three hours!” I said. “Do you think I had time to try those on?”

Greg, sensing my growing hysteria, took the hint.

“You brought the box into the house? Good job!!”