Neither rain nor snow nor baby will stop us

Greg and I are preparing to take a vacation. With Eleanor. I have noticed that most people we know who have babies either quit traveling or leave the baby home, but given that I’m still the source of most of her food, we’ll be a trio.

Yes, I am already dreaming about a vacation sometime in the future when we leave Eleanor home. And even more so because I think we might be able to make money on the deal. We could hold an auction with the grandmas: one week with Eleanor to the highest bidder.

So why are we doing this? Greg and I agreed before we had kids that it was important to keep some hobbies that interested us so that we continued to grow and kept a sense of balance. Eleanor would be a huge part of our life, but not our entire life. We also hope that Eleanor will get used to traveling and enjoy it.

Initially we were going to plan the trip together, but then I lost my mind and insisted that we keep up our annual secret trip. So I’ve planned the whole thing, and Greg still doesn’t know where we’re going.

What he does know is that we will be taking 217 pounds of luggage. Because some climates are colder than Texas, so the baby (who crawls around without pants much of the time at home) will need clothes — the warm, take-up-lots-of-space kind. And a car seat. And a baby carrier. And someplace to sleep. And possibly a stroller.

For the first time in my life, I’m thinking that staying home sounds better than leaving on vacation. And all those boring parents who never go anywhere are starting to look a lot more sane than Greg and I. Poor Greg doesn’t know what the heck is going on. Based on the time and money that have gone into this, the only logical assumption is that we’re preparing to storm the beach at Normandy.