Street scene

Do you ever arrive late to a party and the conversation you walk into makes no sense?

Greg and I were out on a walk recently with the family. I shortened Abe’s leash as we began to approach a woman with three small dogs. The dogs were all very yippy, and she didn’t seem to have much control over them. Plus, a car had stopped in the street, and she was talking to the driver, so she wasn’t paying attention to her dogs.

As we got closer, the car’s driver handed the woman something and pulled away. She finally noticed that we were approching with Abe, but her dogs were leaping frantically and she couldn’t get a good handle on the three leashes. And the reason she couldn’t get a handle on the leashes: She was eating a slice of pizza. The driver had handed her a big slice of pizza.

Why? Greg and I guessed that the driver of the car might have been her spouse or a friend who had picked up a pizza. Perhaps the woman was really hungry and couldn’t wait until she got home to eat. Is there any other possible explanation?