On the menu

Greg called me this morning after he arrived at work. He sounded a little panicked.

He told me he had forgotten the lunch he had packed. OK. No big deal. He usually can get away from the office to buy lunch. But where had he left it? He couldn’t remember, and that was the problem. Was it in the office? Or the garage? Maybe he had set it on top of his car and then driven away, flinging the lunch into the street.

I found it in the garage and was curious about the weight of the little white sack. I peeked inside. A 32 oz. carton of vanilla yogurt and a spoon. That’s it. Two pounds of yogurt for lunch.

I don’t know why I’m surprised. We’re talking about a man who in college would walk to a gas station to buy 10 Grandma’s cookies for dinner. At least the yogurt is healthier, right? As long as he doesn’t start mooing…