When life hands her a lemon

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and have to develop diversions for Eleanor so she doesn’t scream at me out of boredom. Sometimes I’ll give her a pot and wooden spoon and a few “ingredients” to play with. A few days ago, I gave her a lemon and a lime, which she carried away. When I had finished my work in the kitchen, I searched for her and found her sitting in the corner of our office with the lemon. But no, not just holding the lemon. Eating the lemon. She had a piece of the peel in her mouth and the most nonchalant look on her face, as if she were eating an apple. No pucker, no grimace, just some thoughtful chewing.

One thought on “When life hands her a lemon

  1. Some friends of ours gave their 10-month old son a slice of lemon. They had the camera ready to snap a picture of him with “the face”. But, he loved it and couldn’t get enough!

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