Root beer float cupcakes

I have a hobby, or a sickness, as Greg calls it. I try new recipes obsessively. This involves both baking and cooking, but more often baking. Because baking usually involves the brown sugar and the chocolate and the whipping cream, whereas cooking involves the broccoli.

Greg and I really don’t need dozens of cookies and entire pies, so I always make things with a plan to share some with our friends or our baby-sitter or our co-workers. And you’re thinking, “Hmm, that’s odd. I don’t remember Sarah giving me any cookies lately. Maybe she doesn’t like me.”

Or maybe you don’t like me because I’m very bad at sharing. Yes, my creations rarely escape the kitchen. But this past weekend, something did. Greg and I brought root beer float cupcakes to a party. These had root beer-flavored cake plus ice cream plus whipped cream plus a cherry on top. And Greg gets serious accolades for delivering all of the cupcakes to the party on his own while I was at French class. And for eating only three cupcakes at the party (I think. Maybe four. But definitely no more than four). He’s a man of restraint, I tell you.

Though I think they needed a little more root beer flavor, and it was a pain assembling them at the party, they were a success. You can find the recipe here, at my favorite cooking blog, Smitten Kitchen. And I’ll try to share more cooking adventures in the future.

with a cherry on top

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  1. *cheers for more cooking adventures*

    Also, if you need a taste tester, you know where to find me.

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