Lemony chickpea stir fry

Maybe some of you want to make the cupcakes below but you don’t run. Perhaps you’re an arthritic 31-year-old who owns a cane. Don’t you deserve a cupcake, too? Who am I to discriminate against the prematurely aged?

Well, I have a solution. Maybe you can start with this Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry before the cupcakes. It’s so veggie-packed that it will evaporate any cupcakes you eat.

Greg and I have gone almost completely vegetarian lately, and this is something we eat regularly. It has chickpeas, onions, kale and zucchini. The original recipe, which I got from the 101 Cookbooks blog, calls for tofu. And I know all those vegetarians out there will say that tofu is delicious if cooked properly. Well, I’m doing something wrong. So I leave out the tofu and add a few more veggies and serve this over quinoa or some other grain to make it more of a meal. I also add more lemon and am generous with the salt because otherwise this will be vegetable mush. Oh, and I cook it in a cast-iron skillet so the chickpeas turn nicely golden. When I tried this in a nonstick skillet, my chickpeas looked like Midwesterners after a long winter.

For something so healthy, this really is tasty. Even Eleanor eats it. OK, so she licks the lemon and salt off the kale and then flings it aside. But the chickpeas and zucchini totally pass the test.

One thought on “Lemony chickpea stir fry

  1. This looks much better than Heidi’s. I’ve never cooked kale, only massaged it, but I might try it like this. And you are crazy for making those rootbeer float cupcakes!

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