Peach cobbler

One of my annoyances with cooking blogs is that the writers usually talk about how you must have the freshest ingredients and shouldn’t even bother getting into the kitchen to cook unless you do. These are usually people living downtown in large cities who are within walking distance of a farmers market. Phooey on them!

I’m stuck in suburbia and have had to drive many miles to get fresh produce. And often I’d arrive to find only onions and potatoes, which I suppose I could survive on. I mean people have for centuries, right? But those people had very short lifespans.

Two weeks ago, my life changed. A large farmers market set up shop on Saturdays just a few miles from our house, with tons of veggies and eggs and other good stuff. Go ahead and loathe me if you’re stuck with grocery store produce. I understand.

This past week, I got some peaches and decided to make cobbler with this recipe from Gourmet. I have made this previously with grocery store peaches, and it was good, so don’t be deterred if that’s what you have. I would recommend adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the topping. And also upping the fruit because I think the topping is a bit much as is.

If you ever read recipe reviews, there’s always a person or two who insist on changing five things about the recipe. By the time they’re finished, they’ve turned chicken and dumplings into cheese enchiladas. And then they’ll say they loved the recipe. Those people get on my nerves. Alas, I’m going to be one of those people for a minute.

I wanted the crust to have a little more texture, so I used white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and I subbed in turbinado sugar for the white sugar. All of this is to say that you can tweak this recipe to suit your tastes.

I made this in the afternoon before going to work, and the next morning Greg wanted to know if we were eating it for breakfast. We didn’t, but I know Greg would have had I not been home.