Acorn squash quesadillas

Faux fall is in full swing at our house. We don’t have a real fall in Texas, no colored leaves or frosty nights, but we enjoy pretending that it is fall once the temperature dips below 90 degrees. I start baking pumpkin bread and apple cake and other goodies. Yes, I admit that I have to turn on the air conditioning while I run the oven. But what’s a girl to do? Watermelon at Thanksgiving? Lemonade at Christmas? I don’t think so.

In the faux fall vein, I made acorn squash tacos recently. I know a lot of people don’t like squash, but I’m wondering if they’ve given it a fair shot. Look how far the lowly potato has risen because of butter, salt and garlic. Squash has that same magical power to absorb any flavor that is added to it.

I have tweaked the recipe from Smitten Kitchen to make it easier. So I don’t add roasted poblano peppers, and I use bottled salsa instead of homemade, though I’m sure the recipe would be even better as originally written. I make this as tacos instead of quesadillas because it’s easier to flip over in the skillet. And because I’ve learned during my time in Texas that almost everything is better in taco form.

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