Nutmeg doughnut muffins

Sifting through the many food blogs out there can overwhelm me, so I generally stick to a few that I’ve cooked from previously. A friend of mine (Hi, Frances!) recently told me about a great dessert she made from Orangette. I’d visited the site before but never made anything.

A few days ago, I looked through the recipe index on the site and stumbled on something. I don’t want to oversell here, but this was big. Huge. Could such a wondrous thing actually exist? Are you ready? Nutmeg. Doughnut. Muffins. Did your mouth fall open?

Yes, I know we’re already falling head-first into the holiday food free-for-all, and this isn’t any help at all. But I think these are worth the calories. Greg and I followed the recipe exactly as written. I thought the nutmeg ratio was just right, but it is subtle, so you could probably increase it a bit.

Here’s a photo. I’m sorry. (Or alternately, you’re welcome.)