Suck it in

I admire the fashion industry for being able to persuade us to buy the same ugly trends repeatedly. Back when flare jeans were in style, I’m sure my mom wondered how I had been talked into this trend. Hadn’t she worn this same ridiculous thing back in the 70s? And hadn’t this very same daughter who was now wearing “flared” pants ridiculed photos of Mom in her bell bottoms? Ah, but the fashion people changed the name — clever.

Now we have the return of “skinny” jeans. But those of us born a few decades ago have seen this before. Hello again, tapered jeans. I haven’t missed you at all. At first this looked like a trend just for the rebels, but now it has gone mainstream. And this name they’ve come up with, skinny jeans? Who are they kidding? Apparently giraffes have overrun the fashion industry. Would anyone else think this is a good idea?

But the worst part of this is the targeting of babies. Yes, skinny jeans for baby. It is very, very hard to pull off skinny jeans while wearing a diaper. When I took Eleanor out to buy jeans a couple of months ago, we ended up with a boot cut pair (you know, for when she’s out riding her horse). I thought these might be more practical for a toddler. As soon as we got them home, I knew they were a mistake. The low waist exposed her diaper, and the tight fit through the thighs limited her motion. Plus, I had to lay her down on the floor and have her suck in her breath just to get them buttoned. You think I’m joking.

And yes, they were so cute that it almost made the ordeal worthwhile. But I’ve packed them away now. The poor girl has her entire life to suffer for fashion.

2 thoughts on “Suck it in

  1. Sarah, I think the answer here might be “jeggings.” Have you seen these yet? I saw some in the mall yesterday (I was shopping for winter coats, not jeggings.)

    Are they jeans that look like leggings, or are they leggings that look like jeans? I’m not sure. I’m also not sure why anyone would want to wear skin-tight denim in Austin. But I have seen these for little girls and while they’re not actually denim, they sure look like they are.

    Did the jegging have an 80s predecessor?

  2. Oh, I’ve seen them. I’m still trying to erase that vision from my memory.

    I did a little research on jeggings, and as far as I can tell, they’re a recent invention. Perhaps the economy would improve more quickly if fashion came up with something better than jeggings.

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