My elf: addendum

If you haven’t yet read the “My elf” post, look at it before you read this.

OK, welcome back. When I wrote that yesterday, I was looking for a way to aptly capture how absent-minded Greg can be. He’s very smart, of course, but he has this way of overlooking things. And I almost feel bad telling you the forthcoming story because Greg just hands me these little nuggets of humiliation.

Shortly after I wrote the post yesterday, Greg came home from work. He came home early, which was odd, because he had planned to buy a Christmas tree on the way home. When he opened the door, I peeked into the garage but didn’t see a tree. Then I noticed his feet. His bare, pasty white feet.

“I forgot my shoes,” he said nonchalantly, as though he had left for work five minutes ago instead of eight hours before.

“How could you forget your shoes?” I asked. “You spent all day at work without shoes?”

Greg teaches his tae kwon do class in a building near his office on Thursday mornings, and they go barefoot in the class. To save time, Greg drives to the class barefoot, even when it’s 40 degrees as it was yesterday. Normally he takes shoes to put on afterward. But sometimes, he forgets.

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